Meaning of HDR:

HDR is the form of the picture usually with high saturation Its a dynamic range higher than usual.

Way to achieve HDR:

HDR can be achieved in many ways but the usual phot has its saturation really high and has high definition in clouds and sky.



3 differences and 3 similarities

3 differences and 3 similarities between adobe light room and photoshop adobe.

3 differences

  1.  Adobe light room has a different format that photoshop
  2. photo shop has its editing on the left when adobe has them on the right
  3. Photo shop you can rate your photos

3 similarities

  1. both have the same editing effects
  2. both give you options to save in different formats
  3. both have blue and black as there app screen.

50 photos

scavenger hunt

Final Gallery

jump start your photography

  1. Explore different types of photography
  2. look at popular blogs
  3. listen to music you like
  4. Go for a walk in nature
  5. watch movies 
  6. read art magazines 
  7. shoot a pretty girl your admire 
  8. go to art museums 
  9. look at famous artist work 
  10. Shoot friends 
  11. go with friends and shoot
  12.  Shoot your pets 
  13. When at family events shoot
  14. take self portraits
  15. shoot ordinary items to make them look abstract
  16. Make your photo tell stories
  17.  shoot in the dark
  18. take a photo a day
  19. learn new techniques 
  20. fall in love with your shoots 

Conceptual Self Portrait

13mm F1.8 ISO1000 only information I could get shoot from phone!


This photograph conceptually visualizes something about me in a photograph by showing what I enjoy and my hobby.  The photograph is an example of me its outdoorsy, animal lover, and simple. This is me in photo, and what better way of showing it with what i do all the time. The visual attempt is there when I see this picture I see me. My horse is like my baby and she makes me feel free when im on her. The photo is outdoor which I’m always out and doing things outdoor. The photo is also simple it isn’t wild it’s simple.

Conceptual Self Portrait Critique

Conceptual-Conceptual is an idea/concept of something.


Cindy Sherman shoot many of her photos in black and white if not all her photos. Her photos are eye captivating to me because although is black and white you can see the different elements, texture, and emotion. The mirror shows the face and her expression while looking at her posture and full body captivating her whole body. The lighting of which the photo was shoot in shows the towel and the way it flows and how long the sink pipes are. Cindy Sherman makes a black and white picture look interesting and eye captivating.

My inspiration

  • My Family
  • Success
  • Knowledge
  • Goals
  • Life
  • My horse
  • My friends
  • Wealth
  • Health
  • Comfort
  • A roof over my head
  • Accomplishments
  • My dream school
  •  My dream job
  • My Grandpa